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Portugal Em 51º no Ranking de Competitividade Global do WEF

por A-24, em 11.09.13
Portugal caiu dois lugares no índice de competitividade do World Economic Forum 2013-2014 para a 51º posição entre 148 países analisados.

Sobre o país, o relatório diz que “Portugal continues to fall in the rankings, coming in at 51st place, two places down since last year. An unstable macroeconomic environment (124th), similar to other Southern European economies; a certain loss of trust in politicians (77th) and in government efficiency (116th); and, above all, increasing difficulties in accessing financing—either through the equity market (108th) or loans (121st)—have contributed to this drop. Despite this slight decline, the country is striving to regain productivity and competitiveness by increasing liberalization of the markets and labor market reforms. These are expected to bear fruit in the medium term, helping the country bridge the competitiveness divide with other European economies. In this effort, Portugal will be able to leverage its world-class transport infrastructure (19th) and its well-prepared labor force thanks to high levels of university education (26th), although it must be said that the quality of this education (58th) is not always in line with the productive needs of the country. In addition to the recently undertaken reforms, the country should not neglect strengthening its innovation potential through efficient investments in science, technology, and other intangible assets, such as advanced management techniques. These factors will be crucial in allowing the Portuguese economy to move toward higher-value added activities.”