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No Canadá, defender raparigas de "crimes de honra", é considerado racismo

por A-24, em 02.08.14
In Canada today, helping Muslim girls is “racist.” Edmonton Transit last year caved in to Islamic supremacist demands and took down bus ads sponsored by my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), offering help to Muslim girls who were living in fear of honor killing. But we are fighting back. We’ve initiated a court action to defend free speech – which is supposed to be protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Nowadays it seems increasingly in both the U.S. and Canada that free speech is only allowed to those whose positions are popular. But the whole purpose of free speech, the foundation of any free society, is to protect people who tell unpopular but necessary truths. If any group has the power to censor messages it doesn’t like, society is no longer free.

The Canadian media certainly hate our message of hope and freedom. The media in Canada called our ads “dishonorable,” “controversial,” and, above all, “racist.” It’s “dishonorable” and “controversial” and “racist” to save lives? Under the Sharia, yes, it is. And so in Edmonton, Sikh Councillor Amarjeet Sohi, who should know better than to carry water for the Islamic supremacists who oppressed his people for centuries, ordered officials to take down our ads immediately. They complied – even though vicious blood libels against Israel are just fine and have run on transit systems across Canada.
Apparently Muslims complained about our ads. Why? Is this how the Canadian Muslim community responds to the desperate circumstances of Muslim girls living in devout Muslim homes? They deny, obfuscate, and dissemble. The Muslim community protects the idea of honor in Islam, while smearing and libeling as “racists” the truth tellers coming to the aid of these girls.

Honor killing is a grim reality that is largely ignored, and girls are suffering as a result. In Canada in 2007, 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez was strangled to death by her father and brother for refusing to wear hijab. And two years later, Mohammad Shafia murdered his first wife and three daughters in an another honor killing. Our ad depicted “Muslim Girls Honor Killed By Their Families,” with photos of Aqsa and six other honor killing victims. It read: “Is your family threatening you? Is there a fatwa on your head? We can help: go to” (Source)