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Mais verdades sobre a Grécia

por A-24, em 12.02.12
Anti-German sentiment rising in Greece

14:51 February 11, 2012 by TheCrownPrince

"Yes, and let's not forget that only a few weeks ago the greek administration stopped to hand out pensions to 63.500 non-existing pensioners. And let's also not forget that before the reforms the Greeks are battling now it was possible in Greece for a state-employed electrician to go into retirement with 52 years and 2.800 Euro pension per month (after tax, of course). Quite impressive for a country without any noteworthy industry, isn't it? All this (and much more) had to be paid for with some shipping, a non-competitive tourism branch and olive-oil-export. Furthermore, Greece's administration is - a proven fact - on the level of a third world country's and tax evasion seems/seemed to be some kind of national sport down there. But all that was no problem for ten years, because thanks to the Euro you could just pile up debts with low interest rates and never think of how to pay them back. Yes, all others are to blame for the current mess, but certainly not the Greeks.

Pura verdade!