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Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn sobre o Calvinismo

por A-24, em 19.01.14

We see these followers of Calvin contributing very little to the arts & letters.
They lacked painters, musicians, architects of originality.

In North America, the Calvinists brought the Indians, with the help of bullets, whisky, and infected blankets, almost to a vanishing point.

In England, the Calvinists led the first great attack against the institution of monarchy in Christian history.

In Ireland, the Calvinists displayed their homicidal talents in the most brutal type of warfare.

In South Africa, the Calvinists established republics in which the institution of slavery survived till the threshold of the 20th century.

In Hungary, the Calvinists allied themselves with the pagan Turks and in Japan with the Shintoists against the Catholics.