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E se fosse em Portugal? Que diriam os indignados?

por A-24, em 14.05.14
German City To Pay Alcoholics In Beer For Cleaning Streets
A city in western Germany is looking to motivate unemployed alcoholics and drug addicts spending time on the streets to get back into the workforce. How? By paying them with beer in exchange for their work.
Organized by the charity Addict Support Essen, the initiative is designed to encourage volunteers to clean garbage of Essen's streets and will provide its participants with beer, food, medical care and some pocket money. The program is slated to start a yearlong trial in mid-June, The Local reports.
"The aim of the program is not to supply people with beer," the charity clarified in a statement, per The Local. "For the participants it is about a meaningful daily structure, feeling useful and learning a new way to behave."
Essen’s initiative is inspired by a similar program already in place in Amsterdam in which alcoholics are paid for a day of clean-up work with five beers, lunch, some rolling tobacco and about $13, according to NBC's "Today" show.
Opinions on these programs are mixed. Some are skeptical about whether it’s ethical to supply alcoholics with beer, while others say the initiatives help them stay busy and learn control.